Hours of Operation:

Wednesday – Saturday

6pm - Close

715 Sherman Parkway

New Haven, CT 06511-1717


(Please call after 6:00 pm)


Our History
1944 The Knickerbocker Golf Club founded giving African American golfer the
opportunity to play socialize and grow together.
1945 The Knickerbocker Golf Club sponsored first Pro — Am Golf Tournament at
Ailing Memorial Golf Course, New Haven, Ct.
1956 The Knickerbocker Golf Club joined the United Golf Association (U.G.A.) The
UGA was comprised of 89 golf clubs representing a membership of over 5,000
golfers. The UGA served as a clearinghouse for all aspiring African American
golfers pursuing the PGA dream.
1967 The Knickerbocker Golf Club brought stock in the Greater Philadelphia Golf and
Country Club Ass. Inc., which later purchased the Freeway Golf Course in
Sicklerville, New Jersey, in 1968. The Knickerbocker Golf Club is a present day
stockholder in that corporation; The Freeway was the first 18 hole golf course
owned and operated by a Black group in the United States.
1970 The Knickerbocker Golf Club. Inc. hosted Connecticut’s first UGA National
Professional Tournament.
1977 The Knickerbocker Golf Club sponsored the second UGA Golf Tournament
in New Haven, Connecticut.
1979 The Knickerbocker Golf Club brought the former Old Greek Apollo Singing
Society Building at 715 Sherman Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut to be
Utilized as a permanent Clubhouse for members and guest.
1980 Charles Dorsey and Shepard Brock, two charter members of the Knickerbocker
Golf Club, were inducted into the National Golf Hall of Fame in Greensboro.
North Carolina.
1919 The Inner-city First Swing Junior Golf Association begins operations with the
financial and volunteer support from thee Knickerbocker membership.
1994 The Knickerbocker Golf Club celebrated its Golden Anniversary with a week of
festivities and sponsored a Pro — Am Annual Golf Tournament attracting the
best Black professional players from all over America.

2004 The Knickerbocker celebrated its 60th Diamond Anniversary Tournament.


2006 The Knickerbocker was listed on the National Registry of Historic Building.

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